Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off to find fabric!

Good Evening, friends, As you know, my friend Regina has invited me to a "no-pressure" quilt along. After viewing my extensive stash, I determined that I didn't have anything to inspire me to get with the program. I have spent the week in Grand Rapids at a conference and on my way home I found a new quilt shop! Seven Sisters Quilt Shop, found in Carson City, MI. The shop and its owners were delightful. The shop has been open for three weeks. I enjoyed the complimentary tea and cookies while waiting for fabrics to jump out and speak to me. Since this quilt along envolves snowballs what better fabric to select than snowflakes! I'm not sure I have all of the right colors, but I came home with four pieces of fabric. I have yet to take it out of the cute little shopping bag, will I still be inspired?
Yesterday, I made a roaster full of corn chowder for a fund raising for our Southern Links Trailway. It was fun. Today, Sunday, I spent the day in bed. Every time I over extend myself I get sick, I'm hoping I'll be all better tomorrow. Happy February! Val

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Must get with the times!

I have a friend that is very computer savvy, she said, "You need a blog." She showed me where to go, so here I am. So far, so good. Like I need another project to keep up with! My goal is to post at least once a week. I am best at procrastinating, so don't expect timely entries!